Well the time has come to put the flares and white, pointy shoes into storage as day one of The Lycra Year is just hours away.  The bags are packed and bum cream is on standby.  The scale of the journey is just starting to sink in and it would be fair to say that I've felt more confident about other decisions I've made in my life.  I'm fortunate that a few folk are doing the first few miles with me, and Jed will be joining me for the first couple of days.  The training has been fairly non-existent over the past month so the plan is a fairly gentle start through Scotland.  On the positive side, the weather can only get better, I can only get fitter and this may well be the last time I have to watch prime-time Saturday night tv waiting for a curry that was promised to arrive an hour ago.  Beans and noodles (and possibly the odd bit of road kill) from here on in!
12/2/2011 06:19:56 pm

go Chris!

12/2/2011 09:46:36 pm

Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end; then stop.

12/2/2011 11:50:48 pm

So very proud of having such an adventurer as a brother-in-law, what tales you'll be able to tell us the next time you are home for Christmas x

13/2/2011 01:40:03 am

Impressive start to the trip, Chris, per the map you've even taken in a bit of the North Sea already! Your GPS has cleverly realised that to get from location to location the best way to achieve this is to travel directly there. None of this cycling on roads nonsense.

15/2/2011 06:42:05 pm

Great man Chris, enjoying following your progress already. Sorry to have missed you leaving, i was hillwalking in terrible weather as well.

Take care, all going well here. Look worward to keeping in touch.

Phil R
16/2/2011 05:53:19 am

"It's a dangerous business, Chris, going out of your door. You get on your bike and if you don't look out there is no knowing where you might be swept off to!" (apologies to J.R.R Tolkien). We'll be watching to see where you get swept off to Chris.

16/2/2011 07:09:41 pm

Great progress Chris :) Now you are really going to have to pedal faster to avoid this snow! See you soon xx

18/2/2011 03:43:14 am

Doing well Chris, can't wait for the first update, into the second country (and best) already. Well done.

19/2/2011 05:58:04 am

Tough day today Chris.

Well done to have got through the snow, rain and wind.

After 7.5 hours in the saddle, you deserve your day off tomorrow.


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