Have you ever played the close your eyes, spin a globe and stop it with your finger game? The rules are pretty much self explanatory and where you land you travel to.  Well I played it...

Unfortunately I landed in the middle of The Pacific Ocean and didn't fancy a year in a boat so I plumped for a slightly less random approach and decided South Korea sounded like a reasonable option (why not?).  The aim is to teach a bit of English there for a year.  Currently I quite enjoy a good cycle so after reading about a guy who cycled home from Siberia, I figured why not cycle to South Korea.  I'm no great cyclist, or adventurer for that matter, but saw a great opportunity to see some of the world and to hopefully improve on the bike and the adventuring a bit along the way.

The idea was conceived back in June and since then I have been gradually planning my journey.  A few pound sterling later, I have a bike and most of the rest of my kit.  I have a gps with a map of the world on it, a plan for obtaining necessary visas, an appointment to have multiple needles stuck in my arm, a few phrases in a few different languages and now a website to let folk know I'm still alive!  

What could possibly go wrong?